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The Ross family recently stayed with us for a much-needed week away at the Believe In Tomorrow’s respite home in Fenwick Island, DE. When following up with them after their stay, we weren’t surprised to hear that they enjoyed the accommodations, local miniature golf, and even a spa day. It was hearing their story about the U.S. Coast Guard, though, that amazed us all.

Since their words are assuredly more powerful then ours, read the thank you note we received from the family below:

20150909_181138Hi Believe In Tomorrow,

Oh my gosh, literally one of the best trips of our lives!!! I will never be able to say enough about this past week, from the trip out on the Atlantic with the U.S. Coast Guard to the fabulous dinner at Hoopers Crab House, spending time with another family on vacation who were staying at your condos on 66th st, all the way down to flying kites and playing putt putt!

20150911_155338Every single detail of this trip and everything you had prepared for us was outstanding – my Emma and I even got manicures and boy did she just adore that :). She literally cried all the way home because she was sad it was over. My husband kept telling her you’ll let us go on another vacation in a couple months even if it’s cold and only for a few days, but she doesn’t believe us (ha ha).

20150909_150031I have to tell you a story about the trip out with the U.S. Coast Guard that you scheduled for us. They were so welcoming and were amazing enough to let the kids drive the boat! As my five-year-old-son was driving the boat in circles out on the Atlantic, his sandal flew off his foot and out into the ocean, never to been seen again! We assumed this was no big deal and told the guys, “Please don’t worry, its only a sandal.” But they took it as a mission that they must get his shoe, almost as a way to show us what they do. So here we are on the ocean looking for a small black shoe for an hour :). They found this shoe floating in the ocean and retrieved it all the while with an amazing attitude!! I told my son we’re gonna save that shoe forever and write on it “Found in the Atlantic by the U.S. Coast Guard – 2015.” Thanks so very much for our stay and the opportunities.

-Jenn Ross