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The Children's House

Armani’s family had their lives instantly change when she was diagnosed with cancer.  This spunky cheerleader spent 72 days living at The Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins while she underwent treatments at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore.

Armani’s mother, Tonia, was thankful that the family was able to stay at The Children’s House, saying “In a hotel, no one knows you, no one understands what your family is going through.”  Tonia believes that The Children’s House was the perfect place for their family to stay during Armani’s treatments.

“The Children’s House is like a home. We made friends with other families, Armani was able to talk to and play with other kids in similar situations. We weren’t alone. The staff understood, and was amazing during the whole experience.”  -Tonia

While at The Children’s House, Armani filled her hours with as many activities as possible, including therapy dogs, and arts and crafts activities provided by college student volunteers. In her spare time, Armani even started to make her own crafts, slime is her specialty! Often times she wasn’t feeling well, but Armani would want to give the activities a try.  Like all children, Armani doesn’t want to miss out on anything!

As is common among families with a critically ill child, Armani’s dad often remained back home with her two school age brothers while she and her mom lived at The Children’s House.  As often as possible, the boys would visit.  Together they were able to participate in her fun activities, enjoying a Ravens game, hanging out in the gaming room at the House and simply spending time together.

In January, Armani “Rang the Bell” after her last treatment!  We are so glad for her family that they are closing this chapter in Armani’s cancer treatments.