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Go Fish- Family Story

Everyday, we are blessed with special children staying with us at the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins. Over time, we’ve found that friendships can develop under the most unlikely of circumstances.  For Miles and Gabriella, two eleven year olds currently staying at the Children’s House at Johns Hopkins, each has found a new best buddy during a difficult time.

Miles is a clever little boy from Pennsylvania who is in Baltimore to participate in a one month specialized treatment program as he works to overcome the lasting side effects of his brain tumor that was diagnosed when he was one-year-old.  Since Memorial Day, Miles and his mom, due to the generosity of volunteers and local businesses have had the chance to spend time with therapy dogs, visit the Baltimore Aquarium, Zoo, and Port Discovery with Gabriella.

Gabriella, a sweet little girl from New Jersey, and her family are no strangers to The Children’s House.  When Gabriella was initially diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was two years old, her family made use of the facilities the Children’s House while she was treated as an inpatient.  This is Gabriella’s first actual stay in The House herself and according to her mother, Rachel, given the uncertainties of Gabriella’s health during their visit nine years ago, “it’s a dream come true to be back.”

Like Miles, Gabriella is working to overcome the repercussions of surgery through her rehabilitation plan.  With Miles, she attends a special program four and one-half days per week.  On her half day off of school each week, she takes full advantages of all The Children’s House offerings, often with her special friend Miles.

But perhaps the most fun the two have together is in the evenings when they sit across the table from each other, and play Go Fish!  And just like every other eleven-year-old, snacks are a must, so armed with goldfish crackers and Swedish Fish, the two hang out and enjoy the simple pleasure of friendship.