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We recently put on our hard hats and broke ground on a second respite home in the mountains of Western Maryland. Trees have been cleared from this donated piece of property with beautiful views of the lake and the ability to ski onto Wisp Mountain.

As we broke ground for this Respite home that is located adjacent to our current House on Wisp Mountain, we are very aware of how many families will be able to reconnect with one another, cherish one another, and rejuvenate together during their time of medical crisis. This new home, a four-bedroom, 4 1/2 bath cabin will complement our current home, both of which we expect to be booked at maximum capacity all year long. In recent years, we have seen an incredible increase in how many families seek our services in support of critically ill children and their families.

With these two properties next door to each other, we plan to build a connecting serenity garden which will provide stunning views of the lake. In offering a common area for the families during their Respite week, we will enable families to spend time together, providing support and understanding for their unique family situations. We have learned from our experience with multiple properties in Ocean City, MD that the supportive relationships that families form during respite stays continue beyond the initial week and continue for years to come.

This special Believe In Tomorrow respite property will prioritize our military pediatric patients. The military community experiences unique challenges when faced with a pediatric critical illness within their families. With deployments and frequent relocations as part of military life, finding support during these times of crisis is extremely important.

For those of you who are new to our Believe In Tomorrow construction phase, we rely on an old-fashioned barn raising method. Yes, all our properties have been built with donated goods and services; and this newest property in Deep Creek, MD is no exception. We have a long list of needs to make this project come in on schedule. We are seeking windows, doors, roofing, lighting, HVAC, appliances, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, etc. If you can name a household item, we need it!

Do you have a contact that you can share with us as we begin to solicit for items? Many corporations simply donate needed items to nonprofits, others offer discounted materials and labor. Any of these donation scenarios will go a long way to help families with critically ill children. Due to the support of our donors, current families in our programs, and word of mouth, we have successfully built five Respite Housing Properties. Wouldn’t you like to be part of something this big? If so, please contact us at info@believeintomorrow.org.