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OCEAN CITY, Md.- The Believe In Tomorrow Foundation is expanding their services with a new space.

Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House by the Sea provides services to critically ill children and families letting them stay a week at the beach while having some fun. They just bought another property on 65th street that neighbors their House by the Sea.

We’re told this will make the Believe in Tomorrow respite program in OC the largest pediatric respite program in the US. The CEO and Founder of the foundation said they wanted to enlarge their footprint because of the number of families who want this opportunity.

“It’s incredibly needed because we have a waiting list through most parts of the year, we have families that come in from about a 15 to a 20 state area, all of these families have critically ill children, they are being treated for cancer and other life threatening illnesses and they are coming here to the beach to renew their energies mentally and physically to be together with other families who are experiencing the same thing,” Brian Morrison, CEO and Founder, said.

The new space will have outdoor recreational areas.

They will be starting renovations soon with hopes to be open by next summer.

https://www.wmdt.com – Ocean City, Md | November 10, 2021 | Written by by Anissa Lopez
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