1997 – 1999

Foundation creates the Dreamsurfer Network©, an internet support group for critically ill children throughout the United States and the world. Dreamsurfer helps end isolation often faced by these children due to their illnesses. In 1999 Cystic fibrosis patients in...


Strategic national partnerships with SANYO Electronics, Doubletree Hotel, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hampton Inns, DeWalt Tools, and Team Amick Motor Sports expand foundation’s services throughout the country between 1995 and 2001. Foundation serves over 38,000 children each year during this...


The Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins opens, providing 1,000 individual overnight accommodations each month to children throughout the United States and the world. This facility becomes a model for other hospital residential facilities throughout the country.


Foundation begins construction of the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins, a major four-level hospital residential facility on the grounds of the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital. Believe In Tomorrow programs begin to expand throughout the United States.


Foundation creates Pain Management and Distraction Program through the placement of distraction and focusing boxes in critical care hospital clinics. Foundation also sponsors award-winning video, Don’t Freeze Me Out, about teen cancer patients and problems they experienced in schools....


Respite Housing expands to three rented ocean-front units and one mountain cabin in Virginia. Local Adventures and In-Hospital Entertainment programs created to provide ongoing services to critically ill children.


Foundation creates formal program to sponsor support groups for teen cancer at other hospitals. Foundation also creates Beach Respite Housing, the first pediatric respite housing program in the United States for children with life-threatening illnesses. Program starts with one...


Foundation begins to look at addressing longer term needs of pediatric cancer and cystic fibrosis patients. Works to establish one of the very first teen cancer support groups in the country at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.


Foundation began as a volunteer effort to help critically ill children while they were undergoing hospital treatments at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and University of Maryland hospitals.