Third Party Event Agreement

    Thank you for choosing Believe In Tomorrow Children’s Foundation to be the beneficiary of your third-party fundraising event! We consider a third-party fundraiser to be any event put on by one (or many!) of our supporters that raises funds for our programs. Your efforts will go a long way toward helping ensure the success of Believe In Tomorrow’s mission.

    In the context of non-profit organizations, a third-party event refers to a fundraising activity organized and conducted by an external party, group, or individual on behalf of the non-profit. These events are not directly managed or operated by the non-profit itself, but are instead initiated and executed independently by a separate entity or individual, to raise funds to support the non-profit's mission.

    To protect both your interests and those of the organization, please agree to the terms outlined below before submitting your event idea. Should your event violate any of these guidelines, Believe In Tomorrow will not be held legally liable for any injury, damage, cost or loss that may be suffered by any person or entity arising out of or in connection with the event.

    We look forward to learning more about your event!

    PUBLICITY: I understand that Believe In Tomorrow must approve all promotional items that include the Believe In Tomorrow name and/or logo, including advertisements, posters, press releases, etc. Please allow at least one week for a response regarding approval. Believe In Tomorrow may be able to help advertise all registered third-party events on our social media platforms. All event material must clarify that Believe In Tomorrow is the beneficiary, not the sponsor of the event. Believe In Tomorrow should be given advance notice if any celebrities, political figures, corporations, or business entities will be attending or sponsoring the event.

    RESPONSIBILITIES: I understand that Believe In Tomorrow cannot guarantee staffing presence, but may be able to provide volunteers, promotional materials, t-shirts, and event giveaways on a case-by-case basis. If you would like Believe In Tomorrow to acknowledge donors and supporters of your event, you must provide the donor's name, mailing address, gift amount/value, date, and description within a timely manner following the event.

    LEGALITY: I understand that all events must comply with licenses, State and Federal laws, and tax laws specific to the venue and the State where the event is being held. The cost of any permits needed to host the event must be absorbed by the event host.