2020 Believe In Tomorrow Jingle Bash

Congratulations to all the winners from our 2020 Jingle Bash Raffle!

$10,000 Winners – RED Tickets:

4-way split-

  • #46
  • #57
  • #160
  • #180

$10,000 Winners – GREEN Tickets:

3-way split-

  • #46
  • #57
  • #180

$500 Winners:

  • Ball 1- #79
  • Ball 50- #206
  • Ball 100- #151
  • Ball 150- #223
  • Ball 200- #114

Bingo All The Way:


50/50 Winner:


Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets and supported this event!

Your chance to win $10,000!

Every $100 raffle ticket gives you a 1 in 225 chance at winning $10,000 and other cash prizes during the reverse draw raffle!

 Upon drawing the 220th ball, if all of the final 5 participants have agreed (when purchasing their ticket) to equally divide the $10,000 grand prize, the prize will be split. If not unanimously decided, the drawing will continue until one final ball remains and a single winner is declared.

All of our $50, 50/50 raffle chances have been sold! Please tune into the event to see who wins.

There will be another chance to win $250 during our “Bingo All the Way” raffle!

“Bingo all the way” is an interactive raffle that will be running simultaneously with our Jingle Bash raffle. To participate you buy a set of 9 randomly chosen numbers for $20. There will be 25 sets sold, totaling 225 numbers. After purchasing a set, you will receive an email with your numbers and can follow along with the game. The winning number of Bingo All the Way is the same as the winning number for the Jingle Bash Raffle. If one of your numbers is the last number called during the Jingle Bash, you win $250!

We are also raffling off a wonderful Holiday Basket of Cheer!

All proceeds from the 2020 Jingle Bash will support the critically ill children and families in our programs.

For more information please email events@believeintomorrow.org or call the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House by the Sea at 410-723-2842