Background Check FAQs

Why did Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House at Johns Hopkins decide to implement background checks for all residents and family members over the age of 18?

As a children’s organization, and due to the nature of the communal living environment within our hospital and respite housing facilities, it is our highest priority to maintain the safest living conditions possible. In order to do our part to meet the needs of our families while maintaining a safe haven and healing atmosphere, we feel it is necessary to perform criminal background checks to ensure the safety and protection of all residents and families we serve.

Will I have to pay for background check?

There is no cost to our families for the background check.

What information do you gather when a background check is completed?

Believe In Tomorrow will only request background information related to violent crimes and/or crimes involving minors. This information will only be used to assess eligibility of accommodations for staying at The Children’s House at Johns Hopkins.

How frequently will background checks be done?

Criminal background checks will be revised every 2 years from the date of last submission.

Who will have access to my background check?

The Children’s House managers and the Believe In Tomorrow executive team will be the only individuals who will have access to the background check. All background check information remains strictly confidential.

Who needs the background check authorization forms to be completed?

Each adult 18 years of age or older who is applying for accommodations at The Children’s House will need to sign authorization form for background check.

What personal information is required in order to run the background check?

You will enter your personal information (name, address, social security number and date of birth) within a secure server hosted by the background check service provider. Believe In Tomorrow will not see or have access to this information. Believe In Tomorrow will only have access to findings that may result after the background check is complete.

What if my background check comes back with violent offenses or crimes involving a minor?

If a history of violence or crimes involving a minor is discovered in your background check, The Children’s House will deny housing and refer you to speak with your Social Worker to assist you with alternative accommodations

If my background check is not received by the date of my scheduled check-in date, what will happen?

You will not be permitted to check-in until the background check has cleared.

Can I obtain a copy of the results of the background check?

At your request, a copy will be made available to you.

Will my status or the findings of my background check be made clear to other families?

Certainly not. Protecting all our residents is our primary concern and your background check will remain strictly confidential.

What happens if my background check is denied?

Alternative housing accommodations would need to be organized by your Social Worker or medical team.

What happens if I dispute the findings of my background check?

We will provide you with a copy of your background report and then direct you to the team at who will assist you in settling/researching any disputed report/findings.