Mountain Properties

Volunteer completing stone work at The Children's House at Pinnacle Falls

The House on Wisp Mountain and The House At Deep Creek Lake – Western Maryland

Do you live near Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland? Visit often and looking for a way to give back to the community? The Believe In Tomorrow House on Wisp Mountain and House at Deep Creek Lake are beautiful log cabins that provide a sanctuary for critically ill children and their families. 

The House at Pinnacle Falls – Hendersonville, NC

Looking to get involved or give back in the area surrounding Asheville, North Carolina? Look no further than the Believe In Tomorrow House at Pinnacle Falls, a mountaintop respite for critically ill children and their families in the beautiful community of Pinnacle Falls in Hendersonville, NC. 

In all our mountain locations, we rely on a team of local volunteers to help us provide our families with a relaxing mountain respite. Here are some ways you can help!

Believe In Tomorrow Volunteer completing construction at The Children's House at Deep Creek Lake
Believe In Tomorrow Volunteers decorating for Christmas at our mountain properties

Welcome/Staging Team

Help prepare the house for families by preparing a custom Welcome Basket for each family and restocking paper products and supplies in the house. (Usually between 11 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday but times may vary in off season)

Local Outreach Team

Help raise awareness for Believe In Tomorrow’s mountain respite homes in the local community! Attend community meetings and campaigns, distribute information, and help spread the word about the Believe In Tomorrow’s mountain respite program.

Family Photographer

Help our families capture the memories of their mountain respite by donating your photography services and providing a portrait session for each family that visits.

Deep Cleaning Team

Create a safe and welcoming place for families to stay by joining our deep cleaning team and thoroughly cleaning the house (typically spring and fall seasons).


Includes planting and watering flowers in the spring/summer and maintaining the gardens between seasons. Great for anyone with a green thumb!

Seasonal Decorating

Help keep our house as welcoming as possible during holiday celebrations by putting up and taking down holiday decorations, making our families feel even more at home!

Maintenance Projects

Could include things like refinishing porch furniture, staining the decks, and other one-time projects. Please contact us to find out our needs!

Wish List Drives

Anyone can become a volunteer by organizing and hosting a wish list drive for our facilities. This is a great opportunity for a school, community, or social group to help with! Please contact us to find out our biggest needs currently.